should i move on to python3

Martin P. Hellwig xng at
Sat Mar 7 20:29:49 CET 2009

Wensui Liu wrote:
> i started learning python with earlier version and am happy with it
> and all related packages, such as scipy, pywin, and so on.
> right now, i am wondering if i should move to python3. if i do, will
> all packages working on earlier version still work in python3? this is
> my major concern.
I wouldn't bet on it
> my another question is how many python users will move to python3.
Eventually all of them.
> any insight?
Well I don't have insight in the mind of the core developers, but I 
think you could compare it with any other major software upgrade.
Think of it like people upgrading from windows NT4 to 2000, some 
software works some not, some people are happy with NT4 others prefer to 
keep up with current technology. Look at it like py3 is 2000 before the 
first service pack, internally it works, could need some polishing but 
that's about it. The things that don't work are more often caused by 
third parties then the core development.
> thanks a lot.
If you want to be more on the safe side, I would say wait for 3.2 or 
even 3.3 . More specific, wait till the external module developers (the 
ones you use) say it is stable on Py3


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