Themed TK (tk Tile) at last?!

Tim Wintle tim.wintle at
Sun Mar 8 02:51:43 CET 2009

On Sun, 2009-03-08 at 08:37 +1100, Python Nutter wrote:
> Looks like we finally get tkinter GUI based programs according to
> Issue# 2983 in Python 3.1a so our programs don't look like something
> out of early 1980's and can be themed to more closely match the
> underlying Operating Systems widget set!
Wow, I've never used tkinter for a proper app because of it's looks, but
I may now once I start using python 2.7 (or 3.1)

> the desire to use wxWidgets or Qt etc was high because tkinter
> widgets just look so horrid. 

How come nobody ever mentions Gtk?

> Good job python-dev team.

And especially Guilherme Polo for doing all the tough work as far as I
tell from the issue and the commit logs.
Am I right this was a Google Summer of Code project? If so then thanks
to Google as well for sponsoring it.

Tim Wintle

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