Ban Xah Lee

Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Mar 8 04:16:40 CET 2009

Xah Lee <xahlee at> wrote:
>Summary: I was posting relevant but controversial opinions in a rude
>manner to “comp.lang.*” newsgroups.

And that one (completely accurate) sentence is really the core of virtually
all of your troubles, isn't it?

Usually, as people mature, they learn by experience that their
communications are accepted more easily if they are presented with calm and
courtesy.  This is neither good nor bad, nor is it a conspiracy.  It is
simple human nature.

If you want your words to be heard, you cannot continue to ignore human
nature.  You might not LIKE reining in your vitriol, and being pleasant to
the unwashed ignorant masses, but that's what it takes.  If you don't CARE
whether anyone reads your words, then please feel free to continue with
your current behaviors.
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