ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Sun Mar 8 06:14:10 CET 2009

Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson at> writes:

> >> Why this hostility? The guy has worked on an interesting piece of
> >> software and tries to promote it to people who are most probably
> >> interested in programming languages. What's wrong with that?
> >
> > Because there's no particular reason for it to be in a Python-specific
> > forum.
> Yes there is, for example I found it useful

People have diverse interests. I'm sure there are at least some people
in any large group who are potentially interested in just about any
topic anyone could name.

That does *not* mean that an off-topic post which might happen to be
of interest to some people is appropriate for a topic-specific forum.
If that argument were valid, spammers would be in the right simply
because “there might be some people here who are interested in this
message even though it's off-topic”.

> (I'm interested in dynamic languages but I'm only subscribed to
> c.l.p)

There's the trouble then. If you're sufficiently interested in dynamic
languages, you would do well to find topic-specific forums where such
messages are appropriate.

> > The hostility is because we need to kick the camel's nose of “just
> > one clearly off-topic discussion” out of the tent to avoid the
> > whole camel coming in.
> Are you seriously worried that c.l.p will be overtaken by zealous
> dao fans?

You asked about the reason for the hostility to the original message.
I pointed out the problem is *not* Dao, but off-topic discussions.
I've no idea what your non-sequitur above is about, but I think this
discussion is already too long.

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