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> Of interest:
> • Why Can't You Be Normal?
> • Ban Xah Lee
> I consider this post relevant because i've been perennially gossiped
> about in comp.lang.* groups today and in the past 5 or 10 years, many
> of the threads mentioning my name are not started by me nor did i ever
> participate.
> Plain text version one of the above article follows.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Ban Xah Lee
> Xah Lee, 2009-03-07
> This page is a short collection of online communities that banned me,
> in a way that i don't consider just. It illustrates the political
> nature among the tech geeking males.
> I was harassed by a newsgroup poster John Bokma (a regular of
> comp.lang.perl.misc) to have my web hosting service provider kick me
> off. This happened in 2006.
> Summary: I was posting relevant but controversial opinions in a rude
> manner to “comp.lang.*” newsgroups. I was using Google's newsgroup
> service to post it, and has nothing to do with my web hosting service
> provider, other than my signature containing my website or links to
> relevant articles on my website. However, this guy digs up my web
> hosting provider, and lobbied people to send complains to kick me off.
> Detailed account: and A Incidence of Harassment
> My Wikipedia account P0lyglut is banned by Wikipedia admins in
> ~2008-06 for a month or so.
> Summary: i was editing articles on Tibet, Human sacrifice, Dalai Lama,
> citing info from Chinese historian Li Ao, and was fighting with those
> who revert me in a non-conformal way. They banned me for editing, and
> subsequently banned me from editing my talk page, and removed the
> defense i gave on my talk page.
> The original reason for reverting my editing was that i linked to my
> own website (which contains the collected videos of Li Ao's program on
> youtube, with English translation and summary). Subsequently, because
> i did not behave in a way that seems “polite” to them, and kept on
> fighting, the reason they cited to ban me was spreading propaganda.
> For some account of this incident, see bottom of: Why Can't You Be
> Normal?. The fighting and discussion can be seen on my talk page, at:
> User talk:P0lyglut. The writing where i defended my edit, that got
> removed from my talk page, is here: Wikipedia User talk:P0lyglut ...
> 2008-07. Local copy of these at:
> I'm banned on Freenode's irc emacs channel since about 2006-10, and
> the ban was never lifted as of 2009-03. The ban is primarily, and
> single-handedly executed by John Sullivan (aka johnsu01).
> Some detail: Emacs Irc Channel Ban On Xah Lee.
> “Hacker News” website, at, banned me
> around 2009-02 or earlier.
> Someone posted a question about why some sites seem to be banned,
> titled “Ask PG- What is the list of banned sites and why are they
> banned”. He asked for reasons or a public list. The url is at Source.
> (local archive: Then, someone posted
> the list of domains/sub-domains that are banned, which contains my
> site “”.
> No explicit reason is given. It appears to me, it was banned because
> one of my essay: Why Software Suck, has been submitted to the site in
> 2009-02, then in the discussion, someone mentioned i am a troll, then
> admin placed my site on ban.
> There are other bans that i consider unjust. This page is a start to
> list them. I'll try to add more when i have time.

Don't worry, Xah. At least, my minds is running on your rails. Please do
not stop. BTW, what do you think about using Gnus instead of G2/1.0?


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