Guidance - Professional Python Development

Martin P. Hellwig xng at
Sun Mar 8 16:27:05 CET 2009

RT wrote:
> Can you recommend any books or articles that you have found offer
> useful advice on program structure, design and use of classes or any
> other features or best practices  that you feel are important for
> professional Python development.
In my opinion, 'professional development' has surprisingly less to do 
with the chosen programming language but more so with project management.

Although opinions differs quite, I like a documented approach based on 
unit-testing. Which means I need, project description, project scope, 
project specification, functional design, technical design first. Then I 
write the unit-test and finally solve them.

Of course you use a repository to keep your work in and use a Lint tool 
to check for convention.

There are loads of other stuff that affect your environment, testing, 
documentation, quality control, release management and time-keeping.

Using an IDE (I use Eclipse with PyDev) can help you manage all these 
aspects although it's more important that you feel comfortable with your 
chosen tools.

Perhaps this paper might be interesting:

Though I would request that other people, especially with different 
opinions would give their point of view and hopefully a more direct 
answer to your question then I did.


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