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Sun Mar 8 18:27:02 CET 2009

On Mar 8, 7:50 am, "D'Arcy J.M. Cain" <da... at> wrote:
> So you are going to repeat his postings in their entirety so that those
> that block him will see them anyway, right?  Wrong.  We'll just block
> your posts too.
> *plonk*

This is to all usenet readers who think they own!

This especially concerns D'Arcy, Bruno, and Steven D'Aprro! All three
of which who's wibbling, and chastinations of fellow readers has
plagued this group for far too long. I hereby declare these readers
viral infestations, in the name of freedom of purity.

You should really stop reading usnet thru email or some asinine news
reader, this will solve all your problems and stop your obnoxious
quibbling for which i am getting tired of listening to. I am sick of
hearing cry babys like you say "don't quote a post because i do not
wish to read it". Look idiot, if you don't want to read it, for christ

I don't know if you are aware of this but you are in no way forced to
read anything. I know you wish to live in a world completely under
your control with the mantra "My way or the highway", but it does not
work like that. And let me tell you another thing bozo, just because
you have been reading usenet since 1972 from your mommas basement with
one hand on your "Oscar Myer", does not mean you own it or have any
power to tell others how, what, or when they should read or not read
this group or post to this group. SHUT UP AND READ OR JUST SHUT UP! Go
choke yourself while watching some gay porn so you might be happy for
10 minutes and spare us you infantile whining.

School time for old burnouts:
The best reader for Usenet is Google groups. There is no need to read
miles of quoted text because it all gets stuffed in a nice little link
called "show quoted text" -- believe it or not :) Because i use the
wonderful Google Groups I also don't have my email or reader clogged
with hundreds of messages for which i do not care to read. I just skim
the subject lines here in the group and decide in a micro second
whether or not i will read it. Dump those useless newsreades and move
into the 21st century people. Are you still playing Atari for Christ

Newsreaders are like Newspapers. I have no use for them either. Just
like a newspaper i have to plow thru miles of useless crap just to get
to the one thing i might be interested in, not to mention walking to
the curb to pick the damn thing up! In the age of 24 hour news
networks and instant internet news, a newspaper is only good for one
thing, wiping my backside!

So wake up and smell the coffee burnouts, the end of your useless and
tyrannical reign is nigh, the future is upon us and the sun is shining
bright! The invasion of the normies has happened. No longer shall the
meek rule, but all shall be contributors to the digital revolution. If
you think that this is bad for you now, just wait a few more years!!
hahahahahhaahaha -- Evolution rules!

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