Windows install to custom location after building from source

Tim Golden mail at
Sun Mar 8 20:58:53 CET 2009

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Tim Golden wrote:
>> ... Anyhow, at the end I have a working Python 2.7a0 running
>> under Windows.
> Do you mean 3.1a0?  As far as I know, 2.7a0 requires the use
> of the time machine, as it is expected to be 3 months out.

No; 2.7a0 is the version number of the svn HEAD.

> If you do get an installer built, even having a semi-official copy
> around for those of us not on the MS compiler upgrade train to
> do a little alpha (and/or beta) testing as well.

There used to be nightly .msi builds, don't remember where; 
if Martin (or someone) doesn't chip in with something, I'll
happily provide an unofficial build. In fact, I might do it
anyway if I can get my act together. 


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