Ban Xah Lee

Tim Greer tim at
Mon Mar 9 05:09:30 CET 2009

Steve Sobol wrote:

> On 2009-03-09, Kenneth Tilton <kentilton at> wrote:
>> Buddha taught that the universe is ineluctably a single
>> interconnected web of cause and effect, which is my haughty preamble
>> to this observation: it depends on the newsgroup.
>> comp.lang.lisp is cool so here Xah participates as a normal
>> contributor.
> That's great, but he trolls like crazy here
> (

Hi hits us at comp.lang.perl.misc and comp.lang.python, too (with off
topic posts). He's just a weirdo that thinks he's incredibly important
and interesting, and just ignores people's requests for him to stop
cross posting.  In the end, I've seen worse posters than Xah Lee, but
he's in my killfile.
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