Is python worth learning as a second language?

Geoff Smith geoff915 at
Mon Mar 9 12:59:25 CET 2009

In article <gp2rtc$nji$1 at>, zebik at says...
> Hi
> I hope I won't sound trivial with asking my question.
> I am a C++ programmer and I am thinking of learning something else 
> because I know second language might be very helpful somehow. I have 
> heard a few positive things about Python but I have never writen any 
> single line in python so I do not know this language at all.
> Do you think python would be good complementary language for C++? Do you 
> think it's worth learning it or let's say try Java? and how difficult it 
> would be for me if I know C++ pretty well I would say?
> Thanks

Every response is going to be pure opinion, of course. But learning 
multiple languages that have different primary purposes is always a good 

Python would be an excellent choice to supplement your C++. There are 
other languages that might suit you better if you have more directed 
needs in mind. But as a general use language, I doubt that Python would 
disappoint. It is extremely functional and powerful, but still simple 
enough that I generally recommend it as a FIRST language for those who 
want to learn programming.

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