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Mon Mar 9 13:35:11 CET 2009

Raymond Hettinger:

>In your experiences with xsplit(), do most use cases involve removing the separators?<

Unfortunately I am not able to tell you how often I remove them. But
regarding strings, I usually want to remove separators:

>>> "aXcdXfg".split("X")
['a', 'cd', 'fg']

So sometimes I want to do the same with lists too.
Maybe I am also a bit spoiled by the D (V.1) language, where strings
are dynamic arrays, so you can use the same templated functions for
arrays and strings, so a xsplit() works on both.

>>Is it useful to merge successive separators (notice two X)?<<

>Probably depends on real-world use cases.  Do you have any?<

I don't think so.

Bye and thank you for your work that keeps shrinking my bag of tricks
(about 100+ functions to go),

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