last and final attempt to search for python ods library.

John Machin sjmachin at
Mon Mar 9 15:00:46 CET 2009

On Mar 9, 6:40 pm, Krishnakant <hackin... at> wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> Well, You did reply i know, but seems i lost that mail some where,
> My mail client must have messed up the mail.

It sure messed up when it hijacked two existing threads when sending
messages, so I'm not surprised if it's filing incoming mail in the
wrong place :-)

> any ways thanks for your reply,
> Right now I am stuck very badly.
> The problem is that I am trying python-ooolib and did find the library
> pritty good.

There's another one called ooolib-python; have you had a look at that?

> But the problem is that library is missing a major feature from my
> requirement context.
> I need to merge cells in a spreadsheet and this library won't do that.
> Do you know how I can work around this?

Here's a radical suggestion: Ask the author directly, or pop a note in
the suggestion box on the sourceforge tracker [hint: don't use your
mail client for this].

> I tryed searching for py2odf but did ont find any results.
> Do you want me to continue on the previous thread (I will try and dig
> that out ).

Nah, just hijack a third thread :-)


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