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En Mon, 09 Mar 2009 15:51:01 -0200, Tim Michelsen  
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> is there a scipt or any other possibility to create a list of all  
> undocumente functions (without docstrings) within a package or at least  
> module?

You may customize this to your needs:

import inspect

def find_undocumented(module):
   modname = module.__name__
   for name in dir(module):
     obj = getattr(module, name)
     if inspect.isclass(obj) and not issubclass(obj, BaseException):
       if getattr(obj, '__module__') == modname:
         if not getattr(obj, '__doc__'):
           yield obj
     elif inspect.isfunction(obj):
       if getattr(obj, 'func_globals', {}).get('__name__') == modname:
         if not getattr(obj, '__doc__'):
           yield obj

import httplib
for obj in find_undocumented(httplib):
   print repr(obj)

<function FakeSocket at 0x00C649F0>
<class httplib.HTTPConnection at 0x00C153C0>
<class httplib.HTTPMessage at 0x00BFB150>
<class httplib.HTTPResponse at 0x00C15390>

Gabriel Genellina

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