Windows install to custom location after building from source

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Mar 10 10:12:17 CET 2009

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>> BTW what are your feelings on a patch to to change the
>> names of the directories it's looking for to pick up the Tk
>> licenses? It's a bit of a grey area since the only "canonical"
>> reference I can find is the externals checkout from within
>> tools\buildbot: you might as well argue that it's *that*
>> which should be changed.
> Never touch a running system :-) If I can leave the tcl directories
> where I have them, and just check them out a second time (or
> perhaps just the license), that would be fine with me.

OK; I've added a step to my process which does a svn export 
with the other name, specifying a depth of files-only.


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