last and final attempt to search for python ods library.

Krishnakant hackingkk at
Tue Mar 10 12:35:58 CET 2009

> > any ways thanks for your reply,
> > Right now I am stuck very badly.
> >
> > The problem is that I am trying python-ooolib and did find the library
> > pritty good.
> There's another one called ooolib-python; have you had a look at that?
Can you provide the url?  Actually I think I saw this library but it
seems it is not well maintained and the author is no more active.

I think it is supporting old formats if I am talking about the same
library.  So please send me the link so that I confirm my doubts.

> > But the problem is that library is missing a major feature from my
> > requirement context.
> > I need to merge cells in a spreadsheet and this library won't do that.
> >
> > Do you know how I can work around this?
> Here's a radical suggestion: Ask the author directly, or pop a note in
> the suggestion box on the sourceforge tracker [hint: don't use your
> mail client for this].
I did send him a message but did not get any reply for the email.

I will put this request on as per your suggestion any

> >
> > I tryed searching for py2odf but did ont find any results.
> >
> > Do you want me to continue on the previous thread (I will try and dig
> > that out ).
> Nah, just hijack a third thread :-)
Thanks for that suggestion, I am not that multi threaded *smile*.
I have fixt my mail problem now so every things seems to be fine (untill
i hyjak another thread by accident LOL!).

happy hacking.

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