last and final attempt to search for python ods library.

John Machin sjmachin at
Tue Mar 10 13:44:03 CET 2009

On 10/03/2009 10:35 PM, Krishnakant wrote:
>>> any ways thanks for your reply,
>>> Right now I am stuck very badly.
>>> The problem is that I am trying python-ooolib and did find the library
>>> pritty good.
>> There's another one called ooolib-python; have you had a look at that?
> Can you provide the url?  Actually I think I saw this library but it
> seems it is not well maintained and the author is no more active.
> I think it is supporting old formats if I am talking about the same
> library.  So please send me the link so that I confirm my doubts. calls it ooolib-python, but in 
topsy-turvy land 
( it's called 
python-ooolib but all you need in the end is import ooolib.

Three are one and one is three :-)

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