Windows install to custom location after building from source

Tim Golden mail at
Tue Mar 10 15:44:24 CET 2009

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> I also see that it fails to add custom actions into
> InstallExecuteSequence. I find that puzzling - apparently,
> it tries to merge the twice. Are you sure you didn't run it
> twice? It will certainly fail the second time.

Just to confirm: I'm certainly only running this once.
Still getting the same errors. Log attached for
completeness. However, the .msi installs (and Python
runs) without issue on a virgin VirtualXP. 
And it passes the basic test suite ok.

This isn't surprising if it's just a case of "I've already
done that; I'm not doing it again" as you suggest. But
I'm not sure what's causing it. Not worth worrying about
too much, I expect.


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