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Tue Mar 10 16:11:25 CET 2009

In comp.lang.lisp Xah Lee <xahlee at> wrote:

> Some people says that i don't participate in discussion, and this is
> part of the reason they think i'm a so-called ?troll?. Actually i do,
> and read every reply to my post, as well have replied to technical
> questions other posted. Most replies to my posts are attacks or
> trivial (of few sentences) i don't consider worthy to reply.

Hmmm.  What does that say about your posts?  ;-)  Actually, short replies
need not be, and often aren't, "trivial".

> A few, maybe 10% replies to my unconventional posts, i consider having
> some value. But if i don't have sufficiently remarkable opinion on
> what they remarked, i don't reply. Also, if all i wanted to say is
> ?thanks?, i tend to avoid posting such trivial posts too.

Saying "thanks" isn't "trivial".  It gives feedback to the other poster,
confirming that what he's written has been read by you, and that it is
useful, or at least appreciated.  It indicates to the group what level
of answers is useful to you, what your level of sophistication is.  It
makes the group work better.

> if you didn't start your message with ?IMHO?, which indicated to me
> that at least you are sincere, i would not have replied. (no offense
> intended)

Nearly every Usenet post is an "IMHO".  This one certainly is.  The lack
of an explicit "IMHO" doesn't imply any lack of sincerity.

> Btw, i'm not some kind of saint. You (guys) do whatever
> chatty style you want, i write or choose to reply in my abstruse &
> ascetic manners. Just don't accuse when my style is not compatible
> your drivels. (insult intentional)

"Ascetic manners"!  That's wonderful, almost on a par with Sir Robert
Armstrong's "being economical with the truth".  :-)  

> Also, thanks to many supporters over the past years.

Hey, you're not going away, are you?

>  Xah

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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