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Tue Mar 10 17:39:51 CET 2009

On Mar 10, 10:52 am, "W. eWatson" <notval... at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
[snip: biting the hand that feeds]

This is not the first time you have come to c.l.py with "hat in hand"
seeking help and then scoffed at suggestions made by well respected
posters. I should have known you would just do the same again. I don't
know what you want but help is defiantly not it although that is
exactly what you need!

> If I didn't mention it before, I am not about
> to wholesale change his code for the purposes I have at hand, so I try to
> remain faithful to what was written. As far as taking your grid suggestions,
> I believe I did, very likely in the 2000 lines of father code (the author's
> original code.) For whatever reason, they didn't work. Yes, even I am as a
> lowly newcomer to Python and Tkinter have heard the eval story. Again, I do
> not want diversions while I'm adding to this program.
[snip: non-sensical rambling]

You think my changes where "wholesale". I untangled your spaghetti
code and showed you how it should be done with the same output you
originally had(while at the same time trying hard not to confuse you
by making the code too perfect), only unlike your mess, my code
doesn't throw 10 exceptions. There is nothing in there that will break
compatibility with your code, heck you said it was broken to start.

> Just to be clear about what I'm adding, the program needed, IMHO, a
> configuration file. I've already added a menu item in other parts of the
> code to save it, and to initialize the 'global' values the author uses in
> IntVar_GUI. That's the alias here for Sentinel_GUI in the big program. Now I
> can proceed to initialize the "dialog" and others without using control
> variables. This config effort I could have skipped, but thought it's now or
> never. I have things to add to the program that are way more interesting
> than this, and will have big payoffs to the users (a closed group of about
> 40 users).

If this 80 line code you posted actually is a line by line copy paste
from your suposedly high and mighty original author's code, you would
be much better off trashing this garbage and starting from scratch,
because apparently he had no idea what he was doing either. Using
naming conventions like "IntVar_GUI" instead of "IntVarGui", and
"Enter_Data_Dialog" instead of "EnterDataDialog" . Not to mention this
redundant stupidity
sdict = {}
sdict[ "ok" ] = False
sdict[ "anumber" ] = self.anumber
Only a complete noob would do something like that! Not to mention that
he created a Focus method that calls one line of code. This is a
classic case of the blind leading the blind.

good day pal... and oh yea, good luck!

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