Ban Xah Lee

Craig Allen callen314 at
Tue Mar 10 22:21:02 CET 2009

> There you go: a 30-second psychological diagnosis by an
> electrical engineer based entirely on Usenet postings.  It
> doesn't get much more worthless than that...
> --
> Grant

rolf but interesting post nonetheless.  I have been really somewhat
fascinated by AS since I heard of it about a decade ago.  There are
many among us, with interesting ideas, occasionally savant level
insight into certain abstractions, which often they can not
communicate but which lie there for those that can communicate or come
to understand nonetheless.

having said that, none of this forgives rudeness or implies people
have to tolarate it due to a person's condition, or even due to trying
to help them achieve their potential (and thus get something
productive out of it ourselves as well)...  that is, if you have these
communications problems you have to realize it, thank god you are
functional, and just that alone will help you communicate.

me, also IANAP, also working from usenet and an asperger's book I read
(and google)...

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