Ban Xah Lee

Kenneth Tilton kentilton at
Wed Mar 11 07:33:29 CET 2009

Craig Allen wrote:
>> There you go: a 30-second psychological diagnosis by an
>> electrical engineer based entirely on Usenet postings.  It
>> doesn't get much more worthless than that...
>> --
>> Grant
> rolf but interesting post nonetheless.  I have been really somewhat
> fascinated by AS since I heard of it about a decade ago.  There are
> many among us, with interesting ideas, occasionally savant level
> insight into certain abstractions, which often they can not
> communicate but which lie there for those that can communicate or come
> to understand nonetheless.
> having said that, none of this forgives rudeness or implies people
> have to tolarate it due to a person's condition, or even due to trying
> to help them achieve their potential (and thus get something
> productive out of it ourselves as well)...  that is, if you have these
> communications problems you have to realize it, thank god you are
> functional, and just that alone will help you communicate.



ps. when the hell do I get an eponymous banning thread?! I have been 
flaming this damn group for 13 years and no recognition!! k

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