Ban Xah Lee

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Wed Mar 11 09:06:57 CET 2009

"Kenneth Tilton" <>wrote:

> ps. when the hell do I get an eponymous banning thread?! I have been 
> flaming this damn group for 13 years and no recognition!! k

Well you are obviously not trying hard enough, so you have nobody 
but yourself to blame if you get pipped at the post after 13 years:

It would help if you cross posted gratuitously, flaming the wrong
group in response to random blog comments that you read elsewhere. 
Oh yes, I almost forgot - you also have to have some grotty website
that is full of autogenerated rubbish that you keep posting links to
as if it were the answer to life the universe, and everything.

So having manifestly failed to follow the accepted recipe for getting
yourself banned - why are you surprised?

- Hendrik

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