Visual Studio 2005 build of Python 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6

Christian Heimes lists at
Wed Mar 11 21:41:17 CET 2009

Terry Reedy wrote:
> Are you looking for pre-built binaries or the build files to  make your
> own?  PSF distributes 2.? to 2.5 binaries built with VS2003 and 2.6+
> binaries built with VS2008 (I believe) and the corresponding build
> files.  People have built with VS2005, but you will have to search
> harder (try Google).

You are correct, Terry.
The source tar.gz contain a build directory for VS 2005 in PCBuild8 (Py
2.5) or PC/VS8.0/ (2.6, 3.0). You can easily build your own Python


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