Minimilistic Python on Linux?

Christian Heimes lists at
Thu Mar 12 02:49:52 CET 2009

Royce Wilson schrieb:
> I'm working on a minimilistic linux project and would like to include
> Python. However, since Python is around 17MB (compressed) and previous
> releases of this linux distro are under 100MB (compressed)  standard Python
> releases are much to large. I just need the runtime libs of Python, the
> absoulute bare necesties. I do not need any kind of GUI. Also, with the
> standard library, I would like to remove all the files execpt the
> ones Python needs to run and only add new ones as required.
> What can I strip off Python? Thanks.

I start by stripping off all documentation in Docs/, the Lib/test
directory with unit tests, the Tools/ directory with optional stuff and
all Windows related code in PC/, PCBuild and PCBuild8. Optional
components like bsddb, tk and curses take up some space, too. Last but
not least you can put all .py and .pyc files in a zip file. The file
must be called "/usr/local/lib/" if sys.prefix is equal to


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