Input data from .txt file and object array problem

SamuelXiao foolsmart2005 at
Thu Mar 12 13:03:37 CET 2009

I want to input data by using pickle
First of all, I have a database.txt
The content is like:


AAA,BBB,CCC is Language name, and aaalink,bbblink,ccclink is their
respective link.
I want to store data by using pickle.  Meanwhile , I got a problem.
#I have created a class:
class Lang:
	def __init__(self,lname="",tlink="",alink=""):
		self.lname = lname #lname is the Language
		self.tlink = tlink #tlink is the tutorial link
		self.alink = alink #alink is the a link to school Library finding
the first returned Language book

	def alibrary_link(self,alink):
		self.alink = alink

	def tutorial_link(self,tlink):
		self.tlink = tlink

	def lang_name(self,lname):
		self.lname = lname

	def _display(self):
		string = "+++++++++++++++"  + \
				"+" + lname \
				"+" + tlink \
				"+" + alink \

	def Print(self):
		print self._display()

def originData():
	fo = ("/database.txt","r+")
	lines = fo.readlines()
	for line in lines:
		pair = line.split(",")
		temp = Lang();
		temp.lname = pair[0]
		temp.tlink = pair[1]
		temp.alink = findbook(temp.lname)
	#stopping here, because I don't know how to do here...
       #I want to use object array here...
       #Then using pickle to dump the object...
       # Is this work?  Or there is another better method to do so?

I hope to create an object array to store all the language and its
information from database.txt.
How can I do that?  I am a beginner to Python.  Any help would be

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