PythonWin, python thread and PostQuitMessage?

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Thu Mar 12 18:43:19 CET 2009

En Thu, 12 Mar 2009 07:21:35 -0200, <arnaud at> escribió:

> I'm not so much involved in any Windows programming however I needed
> to write a client for the Windows platform. I have this very simple
> question which I've been unable to answer. I'm listening for keyboard
> strokes using the pyhook library. I'm doing this in a dedicated
> thread. The gui just controls the thread. When I want to pause
> listening for keyboard strokes I wanted to do a PostQuitMessage() to
> the thread. However this does not work since it either kills the whole
> app or just does not happen in the thread it's supposed to. I've now
> made an ugly workaround using PumpWaitingMessages and a delay.

If you have a GUI, then very likely it has its own message loop, so you  
should not create another.

> def run(self):
> 	print "Wkeylog run called"
> 	# Hook Keyboard
> 	while self.log:
> 		win32gui.PumpWaitingMessages()
> 		time.sleep(0.02)
> i can now just cancel the process by setting self.log to False. I
> wanted to do just:
> def run(self):
> 	print "Wkeylog run called"
> 	# Hook Keyboard
> 	win32gui.PumpMessages()

Then, if you remove PumpMesages and PumpWaitingMessages, there is nothing  
left... so this thread is useless.
Perhaps you want to *process* keyboard events in another thread - in this  
case, use a Queue object to send events to the worker thread, from the  
main thread where the message loop resides.

Gabriel Genellina

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