Building python 64-bit on OS 10.5?

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Thu Mar 12 19:45:44 CET 2009

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 > I've two questions:
> 1)  I've been trying to building python as a 64-bit version on OS 10.5.
> I'm not too familiar with building python from scratch, and a number of
> basic attempts made from piecing together things I've seen on the web have
> failed.   (For instance,
>      ./configure --enable-framework --disable-toolbox-glue
> --with-universal-archs=all  --with-gcc="gcc -m64"
> leads to a failure when I try to do "make", as do all other similar variants
> I've tried.)
> So, is there a good source where I can find step-by-step 64-bit build
> instructions?  (I'd like to do it if possible as a framework build.)  I've
> looked it up a lot on google but am mostly getting fragments of descriptions
> of errors with other people's builds.

It's hard to diagnose a problem with so little information.  What 
version of python?  What failure?  In general, though, make sure you 
have a recent version of Apple's Developer Tools (aka Xcode) installed 
to get the Apple-supported gcc and friends.  There are a number of ways 
to build either a 64-bit only or a universal build that supports 32- and 
64-bit architectures.  See, for example, Graham Dumpleton's instructions 
at the bottom of this page:


>  2)  I often use a number of python extensions like matplot, pylab, and
> ipython.   Will these (especially the graphics parts) be able to build on
> top of my 64-bit installation?  Is there some way to find out if they will
> likely work without actually having to build them?

You may be able to find out more by checking forums specific to those 
products and/or the Mac python forum.

 Ned Deily,
 nad at

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