finally successful in ods with python, just one help needed.

John Machin sjmachin at
Thu Mar 12 22:49:28 CET 2009

On Mar 13, 7:17 am, Krishnakant <hackin... at> wrote:
> Hello all specially John and Terry.

Hello again Krishnakant,

I see that you haven't had the evil spirits exorcised from your mail/
news client ... it's hijacked a thread again :-(

> I finally got my way around odfpy and could manage the spreadsheet to
> some extent.
> However I now have a small but unexpected problem.
> I would be very happy if some one could help me understand why is the
> text not getting centered in the spreadsheet I create.
> The cell merging is happening but no text centering in those merged
> cells.
> If any one is interested I can send my part of code snippid.
> to just tell in short, it just has the sudo code as
> create document
> create a style to set centered text
> create table and add rows to which cells are added.
> the cell has a p (paragraph ) element with the style of centered text
> applied.
> cells are merged
> but no centering happens.
> Please let me know if any one wanted me to send the code off the list.
> Even better, if some one has a code snippid which can just do that.

You might like to try:
(a) checking that you can get text centred in an UNmerged cell
(b) using Calc, creating a small ods file with your desired
formatting, then comparing the XML in that ods file with the one your
script has created
(c) contacting the author/maintainer of the odfpy package

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