issue - not able to connect to python com server

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Fri Mar 13 11:32:49 CET 2009

Hi ,


I have an issue regarding connectivity between client and com server.

I have a com server implemented in MFC dll having MFC as static library.
The requirement is to write python wrapper to it  .

Using ctypes  I wrote a wrapper to MFC dll which exports couple of functions
for com initialization and registration.


Following is My python  pseudo code  


Loading the dll

Call to  initialization function in the dll

Call to rigstration   function in dll   (this sequence is specified by the
dll documentation.  I tried   changing the sequence too )

While true  loop   - this is just to keep server running 



GUID for com server object is passed as argument  to initialization script
and all the registry entries  seems to be correct when tested with
Microsoft visual studio 6.0  tool  "ole view"  . But when I try to
instantiate through ole view tool or through any other client  -  it  hangs
up forever till I break the server and shows an error that either no inproc
/local server is found . 


when I create a 'c' application linking to the same above MFC dll , it is
working fine   to initialize and register and running  a server. All
security initialization is taken care in the dll . So the way my c code is
working , my python code also should work. When I compared the registry
entries of  servers registered with c application and  python application  I
found that  both entries are similar and could not find any faulty entry for
python code .


Can anyone explain why this behavior is and  any solution to the above





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