Short-term python programming consultant - funds expire soon!

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Fri Mar 13 21:55:03 CET 2009

On Mar 10, 1:35 pm, Rob Clewley <rob.clew... at> wrote:
> Dear Pythonistas,
> Our open-source software project (PyDSTool) has money to hire an
> experienced Python programmer on a short-term, per-task basis as a
> technical consultant (i.e., no fringe benefits offered). The work can
> be done remotely and will be paid after the satisfactory completion of
> the objectives. The work must be completed by the end of April, when
> the current funds expire. The basic work plan and design documents are
> already laid out from previous work on these tasks, but the finer
> details will be negotiable. We plan to pay approximately $2-3k per
> task, depending on the exact code design and amount of time required.
> Prospective consultants could be professionals or students but must
> have proven experience with SWIG and both python and numpy distutils,
> and be willing to write a short document about the completed work for
> future maintenance purposes. We have a template for a simple contract
> and invoices can be relatively coarse-grained. As an open-source
> project, all contributed code will be BSD licensed as part of our
> project, although it will retain attribution of your authorship. We
> have two objectives for this work, which could be satisfied by two
> individual consultants but more likely by one:
> (1) This objective involves completing the implementation of automated
> compilation of C code into DLLs. These DLLs are dynamically created
> from a user's specification in python. The DLLs can be updated and
> reloaded if the user changes specifications at the python level. This
> functionality is crucial to providing fast solving of differential
> equations using legacy solvers written in C and Fortran. This
> functionality is relatively independent from the inner workings of our
> project so there should be minimal overhead to completing this task.
> We need to complete the integration of an existing code idea for this
> objective with the main trunk of our project. The existing code works
> as a stand-alone test for our C legacy solver but is not completed for
> our Fortran legacy solver (so that numpy's distutils needs to be used
> instead of python distutils) and needs to be integrated into the
> current SVN trunk. The design document and implementation for the C
> solver should be a helpful template for the Fortran solver.
> (2) We need a package installer for our project that
> automatically compiles the static parts of the legacy differential
> equation solvers during installation according to the directory
> structure and SWIG/distutils implementation to be completed in
> objective (1). If the consultant is experienced with writing python
> package installers, he/she may wish to negotiate working on a more
> advanced system such as an egg installer.
> PyDSTool ( is a multi-platform, open-source
> environment offering a range of library tools and utilities for
> research in dynamical systems modeling for scientists and engineers.
> Please contact Dr. Rob Clewley (rclewley) at (@) the Department of
> Mathematics, Georgia State University ( for more information.
> --
> Robert H. Clewley, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor
> Department of Mathematics and Statistics
> and Neuroscience Institute
> Georgia State University
> 720 COE, 30 Pryor St
> Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
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The SIMPL toolkit ( might be able to
act as a bridge to those legacy systems more readily than via the SWIG

If you contact me directly,  I could put you in touch with our best
Python-SIMPL developers.


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