How to find "in" in the documentation

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Sat Mar 14 00:46:58 CET 2009

Piet van Oostrum wrote:
>>>>>> tinnews at (t) wrote:
>> t> I've had this trouble before, how do I find the details of how "in"
>> t> works in the documentation.  E.g. the details of:-
>> t>     if string in bigstring:
>> t> It gets a mention in the "if" section but not a lot.
> It is explained in The Python Language Reference, chapter Expressions,
> section Comparisons. At least that's were it is in the 2.6 doc.

Lots of people have been very helpful 
but isn't the OP's real problem
that "in" is not included in the 2.6.1 
Help index?

Colin W.

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