suggestion for python function calling

alex goretoy aleksandr.goretoy at
Sun Mar 15 08:15:48 CET 2009

actually it would be more like

import os
def quacks(value):
    return "%s/%s%s"% (os.environ["PWD"],os.path.dirname(__file__),value)
duck = if is not os.path.exists quacks str(_aduck)

to perform the calls

this would only with with functions that return something though, I

-Alex Goretoy

On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 2:08 AM, alex goretoy
<aleksandr.goretoy at>wrote:

> import os
> def quacks(self,value):
>     return (1,0)[value]
> _aduck="~/goose"
> duck = if os.path.exists quacks str(_aduck)
> duck()()
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