how to repeat function definitions less

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Sun Mar 15 07:05:19 CET 2009

On Mar 15, 12:09 am, s... at wrote:
>     I'm doing this in my code, how to make it define all this functions for me
>     with lambda, I've been up for a while and cant seem to figure it out, whats
>     the most efficient way to do it? with lambda? how? thx
>     def red(self,value,color='red',level='INFO'):
>         self.write(value,color,level)
>     def gold(self,value,color='gold',level='INFO'):
>         self.write(value,color,level)
>     ...

The first thing coming to my mind is a class decorator:

def addcolors(*colors):
    def dec(cls):
        for color in colors:
            def col(self, value, color=color, level='INFO'):
                self.write(value, color, level)
            col.__name__ = color
            setattr(cls, color, col)
        return cls
    return dec

@addcolors('red', 'gold')
class C(object):
    def write(self, value, color, level):

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