suggestion for python function calling

alex goretoy aleksandr.goretoy at
Sun Mar 15 07:54:53 CET 2009

hi i have a suggestion, surely this wont wonk, and is merely a suggestion to
aedd this type of syntax to python

This is an insperation from peps 318

> def foo(self):
>     perform method operation
> foo = classmethod(foo)
> where it says perform mthod operation, why not have that be an actual
having those words initialized as functions lists dict generators, etc...

 then you could do something like:

new_variable = function variable function variable

duck = if os.path.walk talk must _duck

or something to this nature and then you could either make it call functions

something like that, I'mma go to sleep now....I think this way it might the
language even stonger, but who knows, what do you all think? Not trying to
make it like ruby, just more options to the interpreter, and syntax styles
-Alex Goretoy
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