PyWin32 for Python 3.x

Tim Golden mail at
Sun Mar 15 21:27:18 CET 2009

John Nagle wrote:
>    Well, of some other packages I use:
>     MySQLdb: "Python versions 2.3-2.5 are supported."
>         Ref:
>     M2Crypto: Latest version is for Python 2.6.
>         Ref:
> Somebody who's into tracking might want to maintain a big cross-reference
> table of "what packages work with what versions".

I'm inclined to agree. I remember some discussion about adding
a Wiki page for this, but searching quickly what I've come up
with is a suggestion in the Py3k/FAQ page:

which points towards a PyPI query listing packages which have
Python :: 3 tagged:

It doesn't seem an entirely unreasonable approach. It falls
short of a researched / edited page (even a Wiki one) but
that would be a lot of work. I'm not sure how many Python
packages don't make into PyPI, nor am I sure how much effort
people take to categorise their packages appropriately. It
could well be the case that a number of packages will work
in Python 3.x without modification but their entry probably
won't reflect that unless their maintainer's gone to the
trouble to test the package and update it.

Obviously, in the case of (Windows) extension modules,
the module will at the very least need recompiling and
rebuilding even if the code works without modification.


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