ipython / vs \ in readline on MS Windows (and ipython help grepper)

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Sun Mar 15 22:08:58 CET 2009

Jason Scheirer <jason.scheirer at gmail.com> wrote:
>Cygwin does not magically change the platform you are on, the fact
>that you are on Windows is hard-coded into the Python.exe binary. Look
>for references to os.path.sep in IPython. Windows does let you use
>forward slashes as path separators, though, so I am not entirely sure
>what your issue is.

His problem is more or less the opposite of what you just said.  IPython
doesn't know anything about Cygwin, so when its file name completion does
its work, it creates command lines like
    ls c:\windows\system32\qqq.dll
but Cygwin parses that like a Unix command line, resulting in
    ls c:windowsystem32qqq.dll
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