Get pixel colors from images in Python 3

Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Mar 15 23:58:10 CET 2009

Cro <prahaai at> wrote:
>As the title sais, i am trying to extract pixel colors from images, in
>Python 3.
>Can anyone suggest how to do that ?
>The bigger problem is that i need to extract pixel colors for many
>types of images : JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF. For this, i might need
>different codecs... I am not good at image formats and codecs.
>I just want to know if i can do this in the simple way, or i have to
>beg PIL to implement support for Python 3...

There is no simple way, short of using PIL.  You cannot begin to imagine
the complexity involved in handling all of the strange variations on JPEG,
PNG, and GIF.  You REALLY do not want to try to reimplement all of that.
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