Integer arithmetic in hardware descriptions

JanC usenet at janc.invalid
Tue Mar 17 01:31:53 CET 2009

bearophileHUGS at wrote:

> JanC:
>> In most "modern" Pascal dialects the overflow checks can be (locally)
>> enabled or disabled with compiler directives in the source code,
> I think that was possible in somewhat older versions of Pascal-like
> languages too (like old Delphi versions, and maybe TurboPascals too).

Yeah, I think Turbo Pascal supported this since v3 or v4 at least.
(By "modern" I meant as opposed to the original Pascal & the other "classic"
Pascals that were available before Turbo Pascal came around.)

>>so the "speed issue" is not a real issue in practice...<
> How can I help Walter (the designer and writer of the D language)
> understand this? Do you have articles or other ways that support this
> point of view?

"Premature optimization is the root of all evil in programming" ?  ;-)

(And D became way too complicated over the years, so I'm not really
interested in it much anymore.)


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