PyWin32 for Python 3.x

Mark Tolonen metolone+gmane at
Tue Mar 17 03:44:03 CET 2009

"cgoldberg" <cgoldberg at> wrote in message 
news:6047c263-c6cb-4357-ad9b-96b61ec7edf5 at
>> Release 213 is out already:
> Tim, Mark,
> this is great news.. thanks for tracking 3.x so closely.  I big
> barrier for me to eventually adopt 3.x is the ability to use pywin32.
> thanks!
> -Corey

I am using 213 on both 2.6.1 (default) and 3.0.1 and had no problems with 
installation.   I agree it is beta and have found a couple of bugs, but in 
general it is working well.

I encourage people to download, use and report bugs.  I haven't seen a lot 
of activity about it on the newsgroup, so more users will 
probably encourage fixes.


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