Python + PostgreSQL

Lobo carlosgalindo at
Tue Mar 17 17:46:51 CET 2009


I am new to this newsgroup (and new to Python and PostgreSQL). My
experience (17+ years) has been with Smalltalk (e.g. VAST) and Object
databases (e.g. Versant, OmniBase).

I now have a new project to develop web applications using the latest/
best possible versions of Python (3.x?) with PostgreSQL (8.x?, with
pgAdmin 1.10?).

I hope to get some hints as of what frameworks/modules to use for this
specific combination (Python + PostgreSQL)?, should I use django,
zope, web2py, psycopg module, others?, what are their pros/cons?.

Your help is greatly appreciated - thanks !


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