Library for generating indicators and graphs for weather stations

Joel Koltner zapwireDASHgroups at
Tue Mar 17 18:58:58 CET 2009


Could someone suggest a Python library for generating the indicators and 
graphs that "weather station software" typically produces, e.g., similar to 
those seen here: ... and here: ?  I did stumble across the IaGraph 
package ( -- which 
was even developed by a guy doing climate analysis -- but that package was 
designed for graphing results and hence doesn't solve the "current [wind 
speed/direction/etc.] indicator" problem.

My goal here is to have my weather station upload its raw data to a commercial 
web server and then have a CGI Python script generate the actual web page to 
display that data.  (Actually, my short-term goal is to just write a few 
Python scripts that feed the data to Weather Underground as this is much 
easier to do and WU alround makes nice graphs, but long term generating my own 
custom web pages would be fun...)  But in any case, the idea is that I could 
feed some lists of data to a graphing widget or somesuch and be able to spit 
out PNGs or GIFs of the results for ready reference from an HTML file.

Thank you,

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