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Tue Mar 17 19:08:10 CET 2009

The real problem jelle is the license of OpenCASCADE. My understanding
is that it's not recognized as "free" by debian because of it's

The phrase "You are also obliged to send your modifications of the
original source code (if you have made any) to the Initial Developer
(i.e. Open CASCADE S.A.S.)." describes a nonfree license, even though
the actual license, according to debian legal, is actually free and
does not specify this requirement.

If you are wrapping OpenCASCADE code, then you are also bound by this
license. Since this license, if it were as described (which it doesn't
appear to be), would not be compatable with GPL, it wouldn't be possible
to write something in PythonOCC and GPL it. If this phrase could be
removed then OCC could be included in debian free and this would
actually solve a lot of other problems for free cad software. 

Debian's legal department still wanted to avoid classifying this as
free because of the qualifying description from upstream. It seems
that it's debian's general policy to avoid legal conflicts with
upstream developers, even if those developers don't appear to have any
legal standing.

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009 08:15:44 +0000 (UTC)
jelle feringa <jelleferinga at> wrote:

> Hi Josh,
> > However, I'm
> > not entirely clear on the license for this so that might be an
> > issue.
> We're using a French license for the moment, but will move to
> something more standard soon. PythonOCC ( the current SVN version )
> wraps 85% of the OpenCASCADE kernel. Consider that complete, since
> there are a bunch of modules are obsolete ( WOK, drawing ).
> (Binaries are supplied for win32, linux & osx.)
> We're starting to work on a high level API, so this is a wonderful
> moment to jump on.
> -jelle
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Josh Dukes
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