Python + PostgreSQL

Philip Semanchuk philip at
Tue Mar 17 19:20:53 CET 2009

On Mar 17, 2009, at 12:46 PM, Lobo wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to this newsgroup (and new to Python and PostgreSQL). My
> experience (17+ years) has been with Smalltalk (e.g. VAST) and Object
> databases (e.g. Versant, OmniBase).
> I now have a new project to develop web applications using the latest/
> best possible versions of Python (3.x?) with PostgreSQL (8.x?, with
> pgAdmin 1.10?).
> I hope to get some hints as of what frameworks/modules to use for this
> specific combination (Python + PostgreSQL)?, should I use django,
> zope, web2py, psycopg module, others?, what are their pros/cons?.

Hi Carlos,
You'll find a lot of libraries and projects aren't supporting Python  
3.x yet. Consider (as others have suggested) working in Python 2.6 to  
ease the transition to 3.x when you & your libs are ready.

I've used Psycopg2 to talk to Postgres from Python and had great  
success with it.

As far as Django versus Zope versus web2py versus Pylons versus  
TurboGears versus...  Well, there's enough flamewar material in there  
to power New York for centuries. They've all got their strengths and  
weaknesses. I know which I prefer but my needs and preferences are my  
own and only you know yours.

One thing I will note is that Zope's database is an object hierarchy  
which sounds like a familiar tool for you, so that might ease your  
transition into the Python world.

Good luck

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