How to do this in Python?

Jim Garrison jhg at
Wed Mar 18 02:00:51 CET 2009

andrew cooke wrote:
> Jim Garrison wrote:
>> I'm an experienced C/Java/Perl developer learning Python.
>> What's the canonical Python way of implementing this pseudocode?

> embarrassed by the other reply i have read, 

There's always some "trollish" behavior in any comp.lang.*
group.  Too many people treat languages as religions instead
of tools.  They all have strengths and weaknesses :-)

> but not doing much binary i/o
> myself, i suggest:
> with open(...) as f:
>   while (True):
>     buf =
>     if not buf: break
>     ...
> but are you sure you don't want:
> with open(...) as f:
>   for line in f:
>     ...
> andrew

For a one-off,,your first example would work fine.  See the
other reply from Tim Chase for a much more Pythonesque
pattern.  I don't want "for line in f:" because binary
files don't necessarily have lines and I'm bulk processing
files potentially 100MB and larger.  Reading them one line
at a time would be highly inefficient.


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