Mangle function name with decorator?

Michele Simionato michele.simionato at
Wed Mar 18 05:58:00 CET 2009

On Mar 17, 7:45 pm, Aaron Brady <castiro... at> wrote:

> (Perhaps someday, we will be able to write:
> def dec( namespace ):
>   def outer( fun ):
>     if fun.__name__ in namespace:
>       namespace[ dup_var ]= namespace[ fun.__name__ ]
>     return fun
>   return outer
> It allows us to see if there's a prior entry in the current namespace,
> and save it to a different name.)

Not in the future, but right now, with Python 3.0:

class noclashdict(dict):
    A dictionary where overriding a name actually generates a new
    with suffix '_new':

    >>> d = noclashdict()
    >>> d['a'] = 1
    >>> d['a'] = 2
    >>> sorted(d)
    ['a', 'a_new']
    def __setitem__(self, name, value):
        setitem = super().__setitem__
        if name in self:
            setitem(name + "_new", value)
            setitem(name, value)

class Meta(type):
    "A metaclass replacing the class dictionary with a noclashdict in
its instances"
    def __prepare__(cls, name, bases):
        return noclashdict()

class C(metaclass=Meta):
    def foo(self):
        return 1
    def foo(self):
        return 2

print(sorted(n for n in vars(C) if not n.startswith('__')))
# prints ['foo', 'foo_new']

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import doctest; doctest.testmod()

It seems Guido's time machine is ticking again ;)

                 Michele Simionato

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