print - bug or feature - concatenated format strings in a print statement

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at
Wed Mar 18 06:19:42 CET 2009

bdb112 wrote:
> Thanks for all the replies:
> I think I see now - % is a binary operator whose precedence rules are
> shared with the modulo operator regardless of the nature of its
> arguments, for language consistency.
> I understand the arguments behind the format method, but hope that the
> slightly idiosyncratic print( ..% ..) remains, as the vaguely
> pictorial "printf" format string is clearer for a long line with
> several arguments.
> I will use the "implicit string concatenation" to solve my problem but
> it is a little odd that an "invisible" operator is stronger than a
> visible one. (+).

The implicit string concatenation is actually done by the compiler; it
isn't an operator at all. Look:

>>> import dis
>>> def f():
...     return "foo" "bar"
>>> dis.dis(f)
  2           0 LOAD_CONST               1 ('foobar')
              3 RETURN_VALUE

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