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Wed Mar 18 11:48:45 CET 2009

> > 2009/3/17  <Abhinayaraj.Raju at>:

> >> Could anyone suggest whether there is any Python to Perl code convertors?

> >> I found one on the net viz. Perthon. But it wasn't really helping out.

> >

 > I am just a beginner learning both the languages. Wondered if I can have some

> comparative understanding of both.


> I think automatic translation would be a very bad way of getting

> understanding of both. Translating from another language to Python

> usually leads to very un-Pythonic code - syntactically correct and

> working Python, but not 'real' Python. I assume that translating from

> Python to Perl will lead to something similarly un-Perlish.


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> André Engels, andreengels at


> Thanks Andre for your suggestions!


Maybe something like would be helpful.


It has (hopefully) idiomatic implementations of common programming tasks in many languages (Python and Perl included).






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