Creating 50K text files in python

venutaurus539 at venutaurus539 at
Wed Mar 18 14:16:32 CET 2009

Hello all,
          I've an application where I need to create 50K files spread
uniformly across 50 folders in python. The content can be the name of
file itself repeated 10 times.I wrote a code using normal for loops
but it is taking hours together for that. Can some one please share
the code for it using Multithreading. As am new to Python, I know
little about threading concepts.

This is my requiremnt:

That folder contains 5 Folders.. Folder1, Folder2, Folder3.....
Each folder in turn contains 10 folders:
and Each of those folder contains 1000 text files.

Please let me know if you are not clear.

Thank you,
Venu Madhav.

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