Strange crash issue on Windows w/ PyGTK, Cairo...

bieffe62 at bieffe62 at
Wed Mar 18 16:37:17 CET 2009

On Mar 18, 2:33 pm, CJ Kucera <p... at> wrote:
> bieff... at wrote:
> > It looks like some of the C extension you are using is causing a
> > segfault or similar in python
> > interpreter (or it could be a bug in the interpreter itself, but it is
> > a lot less likely).
> Okay...  I assume by "C extension" you'd include the PyGTK stuff, right?
> (ie: pycairo, pygobject, and pygtk)  Those are the only extras I've got
> installed, otherwise it's just a base Python install.
> Would a bad extension really cause this kind of behavior though?
> Specifically the working-the-first-time and crash-subsqeuent-times?  Do
> C extensions contribute to the bytecode generated while compiling?

If you have worked with C/C++, you know that memory-related bugs can
be very tricky.
More than once - working with C code - I had crashes that disappeared
if I just added
a 'printf', because the memory allocation scheme changed and the
memory corrupted was not anymore


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