Smalltalk-like Python IDE ?

Lobo carlosgalindo at
Wed Mar 18 20:32:53 CET 2009


My experience has been with Smalltalk using Object databases.

I would very much appreciate your recommendations on a Python IDE
closest to the Smalltalk 'image' environment, with class browsers,
implementors/senders, inspectors, debuggers, etc.

I am planning to use the following technologies for my new project
(based on input from others users here):

	+ Python 2.6
	+ PostgreSQL 8.3 (+ pgAdmin III 1.10)
	+ SQLAlchemy 0.5.2 (+ psycopg2)
	+ Elixir 0.6.1

Does the above look right?, or are there any incompatibilities among
versions?, or would you recommend to add/remove/change things (except
Python+PostreSQL, which is a must in my project)?.

Btw I will be developing on Windows XP and Vista, and I hope there are
Windows installers for all of the above - sorry but I'm not used to
compile packages and such.

If you can also let me know some hints to ease my transition from
Smalltalk to Python, that would be great.

Thanks a lot,


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